Jakobsen <>
Sent: 12/28/2000 9:34:46 AM

New cache - Denmark

High Tension in the Bog
by Tinka and Friends
Location: Langstrup Mose, Denmark
N 55 56.230, E 12 28.043 (WGS84)
Stashed on: 12/28/00

This geocache is (presumably) Denmarks second
stash. The stash is an easy 2, although it is
advisable to wear rubber boots for the last bit.
The loction is best approached from the north and
the village of Langstrup. Following the gravel
road from there to the bottom of the bog makes for
a pleasant (~3 km round trip) stroll.

The pristine contents of the stash are:

1 Lego Technic (appropriately named) Swamp Robot Kit
1 Dracco Foot Bag
1 Plastic Cobra Snake
1 European Space Agency Key Ring

and last but not least:

1 Tin of Kippers (best before Dec 31, 2003)

The latter item was included in deference to
Denmark's first geocache, which was laid on
September 30, 2000. It somehow seemed oddly
befitting to us that all Danish caches should
contain kippers (at least initially) and therefore
hope to have provided an example for others to