"Matt O'Brien" <>
Sent: 12/29/2000 8:14:53 PM

Re: First Divine (Oregon) cache is defunct (pics)

--- In, "gary" wrote:
> Was it trashed, or did you empty it because of a leak in the box?

I visited it over Thanksgiving weekend and it was empty when I got
there. It's only got water in it due to the top not having been
snapped on. The problem is it's about 10 feet from the edge of an I-5
onramp, so anyone who happens to pull over there or the highway crew
who cuts the grass can see it very clearly. Not the most inconspicuos
spot for a cache, but hey, it was placed by Geocaching's founder,
Dave Ulmer who was pioneering the game at the time.

Mike - true about the coords. The GPS didn't read exactly all 0's,
but it was pretty darn close :)