Sent: 12/2/2000 8:16:57 PM

How does this look?

Difficulty Level 4-5 Hidden 100 feet underground.

Terrain Difficulty 4-5 Steep Hills, Steep entrance requires climbing
8 Ft+ down a 3ft dia.

chimney like hole. Some may need saftey gear.

Stash Name: The Sheer Pit

Bring Each: Three flashlights, Hard Hat, Knee Pads, Cell Phone, A
Partner, Bag Lunch.

Tell a freind where you are going and when you expect to return About
1-1/2 to 2 hours total at the park.

You may want to stop at the office (on your way) and tell them where
you are going. (Saftey First)

The SPRING Island Cave its open has no locks or gates.

Your climb in maybe difficult it drops 8+ feet but has plenty of hand
holds and is easy to go slow.

I have done it several times no equipment not scary.

If you weigh 300 lbs or more it may be difficult to get in, I weigh
250 however and had no problems.

Follow the cavern to the waters edge look for the tallest rock fall.

Your treasure is underneath the rock fall.

Please be certain to hide the stash back very well as the cave is
visited by many would be vandals.

PS take some trash out with you!!

Captain Ahab