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RE: [gpsstash] CNN taping/posting it?

When I find out the time it airs, I'll definitely make sure everyone knows
ahead of time about it. Hopefully I can get some rights to post the video
once it comes out. Otherwise I suppose we can burn them on CD and distribute
them via geocache. Heh :)

Jeremy Irish

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for some reason I find that when people trade/post stuff on the web
snatched from tv it always seems to be in Real format. i dont know why this
is(usually its not streaming, you just d/l it).
it would be awesome if someone who has cable could tape the CNN thing and
put it in Real format, or otherwise, for the site, I'm sure it would be
appreciated by alot of us people w/out cable...i bet it wont be that long a
segment(and therefore not a huge file)
take care

At 10:04 PM 12/30/00 -0000, you wrote:
>Will you have a way of knowing exactly what date and time CNN plans
>to air the piece?? If so, I hope you'll let us know. It would be a
>neat thing to videotape for "educational" purposes. ;-)
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