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Re: [gpsstash] CNN Doing a Piece on Geocaching

I have some digital shots of a stash we searched out in Florida yesterday. I live in Las Vegas.

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Subject: [gpsstash] CNN Doing a Piece on Geocaching

I have an exciting announcement (and request) -

CNN has decided to do a piece on Geocaching. They're heading out this
afternoon (US Eastern Time) to a cache in Georgia. The piece is planned to
air sometime in the next two weeks.

The request is if anyone is planning to do a cache hunt in any major/minor
city where CNN has a bureau, they're looking to film other geocachers going
out to either hunt or hide a cache. I'll compile a list of responses and
pass them back to my contact at CNN who can see if he can bring a camera
crew out there with you. Some example locations are Seattle, New York, LA,
Washington DC, etc.

There won't be a reporter with you, they just want to get some shots of
people hiking and hiding/seeking geocaches. If you want your 15 seconds of
fame, let me know :)

Brought to you by the letter "a"

Jeremy Irish

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