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Sent: 12/3/2000 11:05:18 PM
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Bovine Hill Stash (Northern CA)

N 39D 6.303M
W123D 2.584M
WGS 84 Datum

Difficulty: 3
Terrain: 3

The last mile and a half requires a high clearance 4 wheel drive vehicle
and a lot of nerves - the trail is marked intermediate on the map -
Don't take your wife's brand new Ford Explorer and expect it to look the
same when it gets back.

I was able to do it with a full size Jeep Cherokee (completely stock - no
lift kit or anything), but I added a few scrapes and dings to it in the
process. If you don't have a 4 wheel drive vehicle that won't mind a few
scratches, or an ATV or Dirt Bike, then you can walk the last 1.5 miles
fairly easily. I did see some people with mountain bikes up there but I
think you would be walking your bike most of the time on this particular

The cache itself is in a white 1 gallon pail partially buried so the top
1 inch or so is showing (for now, I will have to go back and check it in
the spring after the rains). I think I placed it high enough above
the creek so it should be safe from the winter floods. (again I will
check it in the spring). It's not visible from the main trail, but from
a small game trail that leads under the bushes.

I intend to put some more spoilers on, but don't look
for them right away.

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