Jim Pate <>
Sent: 12/5/2000 7:55:45 AM

Re: [gpsstash] Digest Number 157

Well, the Tanner Bridge (Georgia USA) stash has been found by locals and it
looks like they're keeping an eye on the spot in hopes of other booty.
Joshua Cook left a mini-stash in the original location and I went and made
sure that it was well hidden. Yesterday I went and checked it and it was
obvious that someone had removed it, checked the bag (the ziplock was
opened) and tossed it back in rather carelessly. Joshua's stuff will now
move to a new Geocache intact (with a note in it explaining that it's an
orphan) so he's the proud owner of a traveling ministash. My geocacheing
webpage has been updated to reflect the death of this stash.

Note to Jeremy: It's the first stash that shows up in the Georgia section
of the website (great work, by the way!).

Note to owner of the Yellow River stash: That'll be my next one to look for :)