Jim Pate <>
Sent: 12/5/2000 11:57:27 AM

Tanner Bridge lesson

>> Well, the Tanner Bridge (Georgia USA) stash has been found by locals and it

>> webpage has been updated to reflect the death of this stash.
>It's the person from the property who is on the right, as you stand at the
>stash facing the bridge, that was observing us that day in October.
>Mike Gormley

Yep, I would guess so too. When I placed it originally, it was on the other
side of the bridge at the creek level and it was in the summer. You
couldn't see the fellows property. I moved it to the other side due to the
fact that something kept growling at me on the far side and I couldn't find
anything anywhere. I've looked around recently and from the skeletons, I
suspect the fellow shoots dogs harassing his horses and dumps the carcasses
off of the far end of the bridge which _might_ explain the growling. Either
that or the bridge is haunted :)

Lesson learned? Think a little harder about the amount of cover the cache
will have during the winter or stick with one's you have to hike to.

Jim Pate