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Spoiler info - So. California: Red Rock Cache

Spoiler info for the Red Rock Cache is at the bottom of this message!!

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> I have placed a new cache for Southern California:
> WGS84 location: N 33 42.174 / W 117 38.948
> Ratings - Difficulty: 2 Terrain: 2
> ( Should be fairly easy for most people but it is a hiking
> adventure)
> This is the Red Rock Cache
> I can be contacted at my email: domofcal@a...
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The Red Rock Cache is located in Orange County California, in the
Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park. There are a few entrances to the park
and some have a $2 parking fee. The easiest way to access the cache
is from the entrance on Portola Parkway. There is a large Ralphs
grocery store near the entrance. The path is relatively flat from
this entrance and the hike would be suitable for kids. Hike time
should be about 45 minutes or less depending on your conditioning.
The other entrances can be hilly and challenging unless you bring a
trail map of the area with you. Bring water! There is a park bench or
two where you might be able to have lunch if you find them, or just
find a shady spot. There are also many food places and services near
the Portola Parkway entrance.

As for the cache, it is a clear plastic container with a white lid,
about the size of a 1 1/2 lb. bread loaf (since it is a bread loaf
storage container!) You may see a sign asking that you not hike off
the path beyond the point of the sign. The cache is hidden before
that point but nearby. I figured that the sign would deter other
random hikers from wandering off path and accidently finding the
cache. There is a logbook, pens, a jazz cd, small toy truck, can of
coke, 5V logic tester, key chain, and some other trinkets in there.
My emap gave an accuracy of 20 ft. Look for a cactus. I am sure
there are a few in the area but I don't want to make it too easy:)

After you strike paydirt with this cache, continue hiking down the
path and visit the Red Rock Canyon sandstone formations...beautiful
scenery just 5 minutes past my cache!!! It would have been fun to
hide the cache there but since the sandstone formations are fragile
there is no hiking off-path in that area. (Plus a much higher chance
of others randomly finding the cache)

Goodluck!.. I hope we have some So. Cal cachers who take the time to
enjoy this hike and maybe have some time to place some caches of
their own somewhere in So. Cal.