"gary" <>
Sent: 12/8/2000 1:37:32 PM

log book example

I checked out the FAQ on geocaching and can't find an example of a log book
format, though the initial welcoming paragraph is there. I suppose I can
visit the Marin County Firestone site again, which I think had a good log
book, but any postings on the list will be appreciated.

I putting a stash together to have "ready". I done a few trips to remote
areas, but never had the stash ready to go. Having a stash ready to place
means the next trip I will actually get around to placing a stash.

FYI, I saw in the paper than Montgomery Wards has the singing fish for $8.
Look like a good stash gift to me. [The queen of England likes hers.]

I found a nice see through container at Walmart
I used the "showoff" model 1894, so the contents are visible:,1894,1896%20.jpg