Chris O'Byrne <>
Sent: 12/8/2000 12:41:47 PM

The LBC interview

Thanks, folks, for your kind words! I must say that it was a fun
interview, and I think Nik (the presenter) did a great job with his
pre-interview research. It made the interview go very smoothly

And, my sister, who lives a good 1.5 to 2 hour drive from London,
managed to find LBC on her radio just as the interview was starting.
Apart from the fact that it was her brother talking, she was impressed
enough with the material of the interview to want to do a confluence
hunt when I visit her over the Christmas period! That's what it's
all about...

I received an email from Nik the presenter apologising that the
interview was so short - he said that there was a lot more he
wanted to talk about, but had to cut it short for a long ad break
that was scheduled and another interview. Make no mistake about it -
the interest is out there... !!!

Finally, thank you Matt for the correction to the spelling of my

Chris O'Byrne