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Thankyou James,
Yes.  I saw it too.  Coordi is actually Dave Ulmer and he's a great source of knowledge and experience.
The only challenge is that the constant referral to stashes by NUMBER instead of Lat/Long leaves no room for sorting the stashes by country, and by state, etc from WITHIN each country (as I've done).
Also, if a stash ever 'dies', the whole numbering system is useless.
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Look what I found on the news group:

As the game unfolds the level of excitement increases. Days ago I set
stashes 12 and 13 pitting my best stasher talents against those of
the best
hunters around.

So far in his first attempt, Jerry, has FAILED to find stash 12 and
will now
be back at home re-grouping and honing his surveying skills.

Little did he know what he was up against at stash 12, following the
as-a-crow-flies directions in an area of deep canyons, fast streams,
bogs, what seemed like a short distance on a GPS screen turned into a
ordeal just getting to the lookout tree. I just imagine what he felt
when he
saw that tree, duh dat m-f-ker is m-ukin tall !! So tall in fact that
are few places in the area that you can even see the top of the tree,
and me
the stasher expects him to figure out how tall it really is. Well I
that tree probably rates in the top ten percent of the tallest trees
on the
planet ! When you take the height of that tree and use that number to
describe a circle around the tree, you got you one big circle to
looking for the stash. I mean, friends, we are talking a tree located
in a
dense forest with thick underbrush. When you are at that distance
from the
tree you can rarely even see the tree you are trying to circle. Using
GPS to follow a circular path isn't easy, seeing more than three
at a time is virtually impossible, but the game goes on...

Mike, an experienced stash hunter is now headed out this weekend for
first attempts on stashes 12 and 13. He as no idea what he is getting
into. Natural and man-made obstacles abound in his path. Will he be

Stashed on the edge of My Seat, like a spectator at the game, I wait
to hear
about the hunters adventures...



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