"David J. Ulmer" <>
Sent: 5/26/2000 11:54:48 PM

An Analogy for contemplation...

Here's an analogy to the GPS stash hunt..

Long ago when the first humans got pocket watches and could finally tell
time and new game was started. A simple game:

1. Lets all meet at Joe's Pub at 5:45 pm on Tuesday!

Wow, that was cool, by using watches the boys could all meet somewhere at
the same time !! A revolutionary game indeed!!

Now today when we all have watches accurate to within 15 seconds a month,
when the boss says be at a meeting at 10am you better be there within the
minute. Now, being on time is no longer a game...

In twenty years our wrist net/phone/gps/watch will find a place on earth to
within an inch or so, finding a stash will be trivial. Game Over?

Not really, if we design it right the game can live on beyond the current
technology. GPS stash hunting really has a lot more to it than just finding
a place on earth. Its really a networking game that involves both cyberspace
and realspace, with email connections between hunters and stashers a
complete circle is formed. The trading of goods through stashes is also very
unique. Lets see if we can make a game that won't grow old even after gps's