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Re: Suggestion for New Name

Apologies if this message is duplicated (system spat me out)..

I ALSO like the term 'Global Treasure Hunt' for the following reasons:
(plus a few other thoughts)...
1. I agree with Dave when he correctly pointed out that 'stash' has
negative connotations. Let's use a term that inspires and is not met
with the reply 'What the hell is a stash?'
2. The term 'GPS' may ultimately be changed (as many terms do).
The term 'Global Treasure Hunt' is endearing and indicated it is
truly global. I disagree with Mike in that the term 'Stash Hunt' is
too late to change. It's very early days, and an ideal time to
change the name to something that is unambiguous and positive. Don't
get me wrong.. I don't mind 'GPS STash Hunt'... but I think it can be
improved upon.
3. What we may be searching for in future may not be merely
material things but could be a site of significance ecologically or
historically, or a site that few humans have visited but need to see
and appreciate (taking care of course not to damage or deface the
environment in the process). A true 'treasure'.
4. Children, schools and other groups will be attracted to the
word 'treasure', and will help to perpetuate the popularity of
the 'sport'
5. A GPS does NOT necessarily have to be used to locate the
treasure. It can encourage those with keen map-reading and
traditional compass skills to also be involved. All WE do is post
the EXACT location using a GPS. Therefore..... a wider and growing
audience !
6. The original 'treasure' site could be merely the first of many
joined sites, each containg a clue (cryptic perhaps) to the next.
The final site may have high commercial or ecological value. It may
even develop into a worldwide, sponsored hunt with a high-
value 'prize' at the end. I see visions of TV programs evolving (eg
Discovery Channel) due to its 'green' form of outdoor activity !
7. Re the info that is posted, I still think the main site needs a
simple name so we can refer to it easily. Lat/Long is too verbose
and numbering is useless once a site is removed or the list in which
it is published is altered. I agree with others' comments that we
are providing too much info 'up front'. If someone gets really
stuch, or wants some clues, then they can always email the planter
for help. I don't see a problem with publishing a maximum of 2
photos for the treasure, as long as no true secrets are revealed.

Well, that's (in Aussie slang)... my two bob's worth

PS I'll be adding the new sites this weekend and amending the layout

--- In, Scott Allsop wrote:
> On Fri, 26 May 2000 21:37:39 -0000, wrote:
> > If you vote against the current name "GPS Stash
> > Hunt", then I had better see a message posted suggesting a
> > name. Then if the name is voted out, we can take the
suggestions and
> > pick a new one. The same can then follow for new rules or
> > improvements to the hunt.
> I guess since I am the ONLY no vote in the poll (and because of the
> "threat" from Kansas ;) I had better get my suggestion for the new
name in.
> My suggestion is a simple change, but it brings up all sorts of
> memories for me. Did anyone ever look for buried treasure when
they were
> kids? My friends and I must have dug a hole in nearly every yard in
> neighborhood at one time or another!
> I suggest we change it to "Global Treasure Hunt". After all we are
> looking for "buried treasure", we just have new toys to do it with.
> -Scott
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