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I've been having some second thoughts about the GPS Stash Hunt project
especially since things have slowed down a bit.

I'm thinking we got the right game but the wrong name!

Reluctantly, I put on my spandex, buy some bottled water, and load up my
walkman with Barbara Streisand and take a new look at stash hunting....

It appears that the word Stash has some negative connotations, maybe
illegal, maybe subversive, maybe just too related to the hippies and drugs.
Doesn't seem to fit in todays spandex, natural, eco tourist world we now
live in.

Hunt also has problems, it takes us back to our hunter gather roots and
certainly doesn't relate to our environmentalist, pro-sumer consumer reality
of today.

If the idea is going to sell in todays market, it may need a name that
garners fuzzy feelings of respect and admiration of our fragile environment.
Something the do-gooder of today would be proud of. Something the school
teacher and Boy Scout leader could have pride in teaching their children.
Something that makes your wife "feel good" about you after a long day of

So should we change the name? To what? Should we change the game?

Second Thoughts?


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