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Re: Second Thoughts

This is why I put up the Poll!! I want everyone to first vote on the
name of the game. If you vote against the current name "GPS Stash
Hunt", then I had better see a message posted suggesting a better
name. Then if the name is voted out, we can take the suggestions and
pick a new one. The same can then follow for new rules or
improvements to the hunt.

For those of us who celebrate Memorial Day on Monday, let's remember
what those men and women fought for...our right to Freedom and
Freedom of Speech (no matter how stupid your opinion is.)

The Kansas Stasher

--- In, "Mike Teague" wrote:
> i thought the idea behind gps stash was exactly that GPS was
integral to the
> whole game.
> otherwise you essentially have letterboxing with the addition of
> I suggest we keep it as-is..
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