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Re: [gpsstash] Two new stashes / more commentary

I like the name geostash too. Has a nice ring to it.

I am going to make up a stash here in Ireland on the weekend. :)

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Subject: RE: [gpsstash] Two new stashes / more commentary

Good grief! The game has only been going for less than a month, let it
evolve. I would have though that the name Geostash would have satisfied both
camps. It still has the word stash in it, so is recognisable. But it also
isn't stash.

I had a problem with the word stash right from the start. Actually the stash
that I left is labelled "GPS Treasure Hunt" because I thought if someone
else finds this bucket they are going to think it is something else. Maybe
that goes back to when I was sitting on a Jury in a drugs case a couple of
years ago. One of the culprits did excactly this, buried his dope in a
bucket out on the farm somewhere. I think he might have even refered to it
as his "stash"

I for one will vote FOR Geostash. It is another word other than stash, even
though stash is in it. And I think most people would realise that the prefix
Geo would be a bit high tech for the average druggie.

Keep up the thinking Dave, I like your creativity.

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> Subject: [gpsstash] Two new stashes / more commentary
> N44 20.973 W085 40.254
> N44 16.949 W085 42.864
> Containers: 12"-diameter bucket, unmarked black
> lid, buried to within an inch or two of the top.
> May be covered by debris.
> ----------------------------------------
> Look guys, this is the "GPS Stash Hunt".
> If you want to create another seperate game,
> fine, go ahead. But leave this one alone.
> We didn't try to push our new ideas on the
> letterboxing folks, don't try and complicate
> the very fine, simple, and flexible game of
> *GPS* hungting. If you want to create a *new*
> game of Geostashing or whatever, fine, please
> do and we'll probably play it... but don't
> suddenly change the very nature of one that's
> already got a fine start.
> At most, "stash" could be changed to "cache"
> if some find it offensive, but otherwise,
> the original intent of *this* game was to
> use the new accuracy of GPSRs to find buried
> treasure. ("Cache" probably more accurately
> describes what we're doing anyway.)
> Let's just get on with it...
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