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Sent: 5/29/2000 7:56:08 AM
"Gpsstash" <>

I'm warming up to Geostash !

After much thought, I'm warming up to the idea of using the new word Geostash to describe our sport. Geostash could become a new dictionary word used to describe the act of hiding something and then recording its coordinates in order to find it again.

The word Geostash could be used outside our sport in other applications. Construction workers could geostash equipment for other workers to find. As an example: Joe, where did you leave the dozer? I geostashed it in a ravine at these coordinates. By geostashing the dozer Joe hid it out of sight from vandals but recorded its location for other workers to find.

Geostash can be either a noun or a verb according to how it is used. Geostash can refer to the actual stash or the act of stashing. Quite versatile usage.

As for the sport or recreation, geostashing would be used. Geostash is to Geostashing as Boat is to Boating.

Using geostash, a geostasher could go geostashing to place a geostash or find a geostash.

Right now in order to refer to one of our stashes, we would have to call it a GPS Stash Hunt Stash, quite a mouthful, geostash would be simpler. Geostash also gets away from GPS which could go obsolete as soon as a new and better positioning system is created.

Literally, Geostash means Earth Stash which is nontechnical and versatile. If we eventually get it into dictionaries, we got the sport locked in forever.

What do you think?


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