"Matt Stum" <>
Sent: 5/29/2000 5:15:45 PM

Two new stashes / more commentary

N44 20.973 W085 40.254
N44 16.949 W085 42.864

Containers: 12"-diameter bucket, unmarked black
lid, buried to within an inch or two of the top.
May be covered by debris.


Look guys, this is the "GPS Stash Hunt".
If you want to create another seperate game,
fine, go ahead. But leave this one alone.
We didn't try to push our new ideas on the
letterboxing folks, don't try and complicate
the very fine, simple, and flexible game of
*GPS* hungting. If you want to create a *new*
game of Geostashing or whatever, fine, please
do and we'll probably play it... but don't
suddenly change the very nature of one that's
already got a fine start.

At most, "stash" could be changed to "cache"
if some find it offensive, but otherwise,
the original intent of *this* game was to
use the new accuracy of GPSRs to find buried
treasure. ("Cache" probably more accurately
describes what we're doing anyway.)

Let's just get on with it...