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Interview with a Diviner..

Bryant Gumball interviews Diviner Dave:

Q: Dave, I hear you are involved is some new sport ? What's it all about?

A: Yes Bryant, I am a Diviner and I create Divinations of Divinitions.

Q: What do you mean by that?

A: Well, like the diviners of old that used divining rods, I search out locations and divinate upon them.

Q: How do you divinate a location ? With a rod?

A: No, nowadays we use electronic divinators to divinate our divinations.

Q: What are divinations?

A: Divinations are the numerical coordinates of the divinition derived from the divinator.

Q: So what is a divinition?

A: A divinition is a place where articles of value are stored to be traded with other diviners.

Q: What kind of articles are traded at your divinitions.

A: Just about anything can be traded there from gadgets, to information.

Q: What do you do with the divinations?

A: We share the divinations on the internet. I am a member of The Geodivinition Network which is a worldwide depository of divinition information. On the net diviners get their lists of divinations to the divinitions.

Well, I think that just about explains it, thank you for you time Diviner Dave.

You're Welcome!

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