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Sent: 5/30/2000 8:19:53 AM
"Gpsstash" <>

The Geostash Network

On the internet we can call our organization the Geostash Network and this would help describe that aspect of geostashing that involves the sharing of coordinates and clues over the internet. We could then have Geostash Webrings, and rec.sports.geostashing.

The real problem I have with GPS in the name is that in just a few months it will probably be obsolete. Just as soon as Garmin, Lowrance or others come out with their new Post-SA products they are going to call them something else like PPS. PPS for Precise Positioning System would be a likely name for post-SA gps's. I expect that even now 70% of GPS owners don't know that SA was turned off. To them GPS Stash Hunt is ridiculous, they know GPS's are too inaccurate to find anything. You would have a lot of explaining to do to convince them that their lowly GPS could now find something.

Geostash is a NEW word that throws off past baggage of old wording. To a person just hearing the word, sparks curiosity, they want to know more, gets them interested.

The Geostash Network can be bigger than just one game. I can see geostash racing, where people see how fast they can find a number of geostashes. Geostash Rally ? The network could play host to many aspects of the geopositioning experience.


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