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Sent: 5/30/2000 5:16:18 AM

Re: Names and Words are VERY important !

Well.... having read all the discussion so far on the proposal
for 'Geostash'.... I now ALSO prefer the name over all others.
Certainly versatile, Dave. It's growing on me too !!! I'm seriously
considering changing the name on my site to Geostash (just as soon as
I get a free moment at home, away from the office !)

Dave, email me direct with your thougts on this


--- In, "David J. Ulmer" wrote:
> Yea, Yea, I know " GPS Stash Hunt" is not a bad name for the game
but is it the BEST name for the game? I'm not sure geostash is any
better but it seems more versatile to me. Their could be more than
one game that involves geolocating with electronic tools. I'd love to
figure out some different uses for these devices.
> PLEASE, help me, is there another word you could come up with that
describes the act of locating something by coordinates?
> With SA off, this is the first time in the history of the human
race that an average person can locate something on the planets
surface with nothing more than numerical coordinates and a handheld
device. I'm sure people would say that you could use a USGS topo map
to find a spot by coordinates, but just you try it sometime. With SA
off, we have a major event in human evolution! Lets take advantage of
it !!
> The sport of Orienteering has now made it all the way to the
Olympics ! Geostashing could do the same, but it needs the slick
packaging that orienteering has to make it successful. I would like
to see millions of stashes around the world, to get there we are
going to need Slick Packaging !! Now, Lets work on it..
> Dave...
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