Matt Stum <>
Sent: 5/30/2000 10:04:22 AM

Cache vs. Stash

Regardless of the final name, can we please replace
the word "stash" with "cache"? "GPS Cache Hunt"
and "Geocache" still sound find. I believe it still works
with all of the variations that David came up with
(Geocaching, geocacher, etc).

Here's my reasoning:

1) Several people have already stated their dislike for
the term "stash" on the basis that it sounds illegal.
To my ears, "stash" sounds a little immature, but that's
a personal feeling.

2) "Back in the old days", especially in the Yukon and
northern climes, explorers would leave caches of food
and supplies at known locations so that they'd
have them on their return trip. Some caches were
"community property" and known by all who took a
particular trail. If they needed something, they took it,
and if they had extras of something, they left it. Sound

3) The word "cache" both brings forth feelings of nostalgia for the
days of exploring, as well as a "techie" feeling for those
that associate it with computer memory.

Personally, when I get a chance to check on my cache's
again (they're 6 hrs from where I live) I'll remove all references
to any particular game. I'll probably add a custom rubber
stamp and register the cache with the letterboxing folks as
well. Might as well double the fun. My "clue" for the letterboxing
folks will simply be the lat/lon coordinates. I believe their game
is flexible enough to allow that.