"Scott C. Gregory" <>
Sent: 5/30/2000 7:39:05 AM

Re: [gpsstash] Re: Names and Words are VERY important !

inzvestor wrote:
> I kind of like Geostash as a name, as we are not stashing gps's are
> we???

Well by your logic, we are not stashing Geos', Earths', or whatever. :)

C'mon people. This is starting to get really annoying!!!

We are supposed to be hunting or stashing, not bickering about a name.
Leave things the way they are.
The name is already to the point, and describes something Hi-Tech.
Frankly I care not for the warm greeny/fuzzy names, they make it sound
too Lo-Tech.

I am off to New Zealand on monday and intend on having some fun hunting
for some of the stashes already there, and when I get back, I plan on
creating my own stash. I have a few ideas on how to create on that
would be near impossible to find without a GPS. I'll have to have a
play around. :)