Matt Stum <>
Sent: 6/10/2000 11:15:49 AM

Re: [gpsstash] Fw: "Cache of Fun" GeoCoded-CyberStash

I have to add my vote of "NO" to this whole cyberstash thing...
Again, it's a wonderful game, but it's *not* the game we're currently
playing, which doesn't "need" any improvements as some folks
are frantically suggesting.

Sometimes, Dave, you just have to settle for what works. Sure, there
is still the "perfect" name and the "perfect" twist still to be found. But
sometimes perfect isn't necessary. When we were going through the
whole name thing I kept thinking of American football... what a stupid
name, but you don't see it changing its name every season trying to
find that perfect one, nor do you see fans shrinking away from the game
because it's a stupid name... the *game itself* is what draws the attention.

And so I submit that the game of hiding physical caches of goodies and
then trying to find them based on 4 little numbers is what has attracted
so much attention. Not the name. Not the twists. Sometimes simplicity
is perfection.

As for the difficulty in finding locations for caches in urban areas, well, tough.
That sounds harsh, but you can't snow-ski in the desert but that doesn't stop
people who live in the desert from snow-skiing. I drove 6 hrs to place my two
caches where I knew was 1) legal, and 2) not likely to be found by random

And while I have the soapbox, another point has been bugging me. You
keep talking about stamping coords or codewords into lamp posts, manhole
covers, mailboxes, etc. That'll get you a hefty fine in most places, as either
graffiti or destruction of public property, and I don't think we need to be
encouraging that sort of thing.

Dave, you have some great ideas... one of them spawned this game. But please
realize that it's the *simplicity* of this game that works. 4 numbers, find stuff.
I'm probably more like you than you realize... I love intellectual challenges and
twists, but I know a good thing when I see it and I don't want to muck it up. Go
forth and create new games, but please don't intertwine them with this one.... please?

Way more than my $0.02,