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Re: [gpsstash] Just for the CyberStash Curious... Spoiler!!

I think what the majority are saying, is "cyberstashing" might have a place,
perhaps, but it's not the game we're all playing so far... it's not
Geocaching/GPS stash hunting, it's something completely different... The
existing game is finding a
physical container via coordinates... It's the idea that has attracted many

Geocache/GPS Stash Hunt _IS_ the hiding and finding of a physical container
hidden somewhere in the real-world. Whether you like it or not, that's what
it is.

If you want another different game (cyberstashing), then it needs to be
independent of this one... The original "GPS stash" idea has stuck... It's
permanent now.. It's finished.. The rules are done, the terminology is
done.. Everyone interested already knows the basic idea.. It's been let
loose, and it's expanding surprisingly well... Let it work. Dave, It's only
been a month or so, and you've placed more stashes than anyone.. Within a
year, I suspect we'll have stashes in every state, AS LONG AS THE GAME
REMAINS THE SAME. The simplicity of the original game is what makes it
accessable to everyone, and is what's driving the interest so far..... the
original "GPS Stash Hunt" idea that you came up with is the good one....
Just let it work...

BTW, I will be probably placing a new (real physical) stash tomorrow in a
lowland area, here in SW Washington.. (it will requre actual GPS navigation
over flat public land, hopefuly)

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Subject: [gpsstash] Just for the CyberStash Curious... Spoiler!!

>The CodeWord for my first location was Elk because the coordinates lead you
>to a beautiful bronze statue of an Elk. The location of the elk statue is
>The End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center where they have a wonderful
>multimedia presentation of life on the Oregon Trail..
>The CodeWord for my second CyberStash was Railroad or Train because the
>coordinates lead you to a miniature scale railroad park. Here you can take
>free rides on miniature steam trains through a beautiful woodsy setting..
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