"Alan Hennessy" <>
Sent: 6/12/2000 2:09:45 AM

new GPS on the market !!

Here's a post I just sent to the newsgroup...thought it may also
interest everyone else...

Silva use to have an electronic compass built-in, called the GPS
Compass but, AT THE END OF JUNE, they are releasing their latest and
greatest... it's apparently called the Silva GPS Multi-navigator. It
has an electronic compass that is accurate to within a degree and is
useable when stationary, will even show the direction to HOME if the
GPS is inactive.

Also, it has an altimeter that takes QNH inputs and is accurate to
within a few metres. Also.... a barometer that takes the last 24
hours pressure readings and even gives you a weather forecast. No

I have ordered one through... Macson Trading in Victoria, Australia.
they reckon they will be about A$795 including GST, which would make
it about US$460 !! I can't wait to get it !!