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Sent: 6/12/2000 2:03:51 AM

A Must Read

Take a moment to reflect on what got you interested in gps stash

Was it the simplicity?
Was it the adventure?
Was it that there were no great lists of rules?

Thats what got me interested, and I know that was what got most of
you interested too.

Search for the location, take something, place something, then set
your own stashes (or caches)

Keep it simple and it will grow beyond expectations.

Place lots of rules and it will wither up and die.

Thats my honest observation.



--- In, "Alan Hennessy" wrote:
> For Pete's sake..... let's all get off this track of name changes
> stop spending all our creative energy on things OTHER THAN the
> we are here. Having fun with GPS Stash Hunting and creating
> GeoCaches !!!
> The constant argument of whether or not we should vandalise trees,
> posts, etc with coordinates (the answewr is an OBVIOUS NO !!), the
> never-ending discussion on whether we should make it 'virtual' with
> things called 'cyberstashes', 'databait stashes', 'databaiters'
> and 'GeoCoded CyberStash' is really giving me the screaming
irruts !!
> Let's all work together in expanding the original game through
> site at and mine at
> , as well as Matt's excellent
> site at
> If anyone else wants to discuss all these extraneous topics which
> are, in effect, different games, then, with the greatest respect, I
> suggest they form another e-group and let everyone else get on with
> developing what will become a world-wide phenomenon.
> Alan