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Re: [gpsstash] Went lookin' yesterday.........

Something occurred to me when I read Tom's post. I know that we have covered
this ground briefly before but here is an idea to hash out. Tom brought up a
good point. How are we to know how hard a stash is to get to? What if you
want to bring the kids? Or the Wife? Here is my Idea;
Give each stash a simple numerical value, from one to five. Kind of like how
they classify rivers for rafters. As a local firefighter, we use this system.
1 for non-emergency all the way to 5 for state responses. How about this-

1- Bring the kids. No special equipment or planning necessary. No more than
100 feet from an easily accessible road or path. Easy to find.

2- Put on hiking shoes. O.K. to bring the wife. Find a babysitter. plan on a
couple hours. Within 1 mile of a major road. Might have to look a bit to
find it.

3- Plan a 1/2 day. May be fairly difficult to find. A day pack is
recommended. Route not very well defined. Up to 3 miles off of a major road.

4- Plan a whole day. Wear sturdy clothing. Plan well ahead. Not for the
inexperienced. Difficult to find. No specific route. 5 plus miles off a major

5- Technical. Ropes, Ice axes, crampons or other specific equipment may be
necessary. For experts only. May take a day or more. Contact the Stasher for
more details.

This list is only a suggestion. Please give input. The definitions are not
rigid. They are dynamic and flexible. Some degree of subjectivity is
necessary on the part of the stasher. I just think it's a good idea to let
people know what they are getting into. Especially if they plan a day or
travel a great distance to get there only to learn they should have left the
kids at home. (How would you like to live with the fact that you caused the
hunter great hardship and grief when he had to drive home with 16 screaming,
cold, wet, smelly kids?? ;-).

And for those of us who are more adventurous can stick to the 3-5 rated
What do you think?

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<< Went looking for Rob's stash near Dundee, Ill. yesterday. I'm in Bartlett
so I thought
I'd pack up the kids (5 and 2 yrs old) and go on a "treasure hunt." We
tried the route
coming in from the South and got to within 3/4 mile (according to the Ol'
E-Trex) but I
thought there must be a better way in. Swung around and tried to find a way
in from
the north, all the while with the kids yelling "go this way, no, go that
way!". Followed
the arrow from road to road ("Penny" for your thoughts, Rob or is it Major
Healy?). Got
to within .17 miles but the rain started and I didn't want to drag the
youngens through
the mud (Mom might get mad). I'll try again on a nicer day.

I'm not sure how tough this find is going to be but, so far, I was able to
get pretty close
while driving with the kids. I like the idea of possibly adding a
"toughness" factor to the
stashes (i.e. Walking/Hiking distance from a road). I plan on taking the
family with me
whenever I go looking because they seem to enjoy it but I don't think they
would if they
had to go hiking 20 miles to find it. I realize what the spirit of the game
is and I don't
want to change that but it would be nice to know that I have a good chance
of finding the
"treasure" and not disappointing the kids. Maybe a quick e-mail to the
stasher would be
all I would need to do. Just a thought.......