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Thanks for the "experienced" input maybe it will get us through the growing
pains a little easier. I still think it is necessary to ponder all aspects
of a new sport before you decide on what is right. As you can see the sport
has gained a lot of momentum in a certain direction and it doesn't look like
its possible to change that. I guess as founder of this thing, I'm getting
butterflies in my gut wondering if the first idea was the best idea. The
monster has been released and its growing !! I guess I should just sit back,
relax, and watch..

I'm heading out on my vacation in a couple of hours. I'll be searching for
the Wonderts of the World (a new game) with my GPS. I've got thousands of
government waypoints, but I wonder if any can qualify as a Wondert. I guess
I'm exploring a new game just because I get bored easily. Here's an example
of a wondert I'm searching for:

Its called a Fine Scheduled Wondert and this one happens only once a year.
During sunrise or sunset on June 21st (Summer Solstice) the sun shines into
places where it can't get to any other time. I will attempt to record the
coordinates of one of these places and call it a Wondert.

Goofy game huh!

Dave... :~)

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> > By comparison, the letterboxing north america site (the only comparable
> > organization I can think of) has around 360 active letterboxes, starting
> > in 1997 -- thats about 10 a month.
> FWIW, we began in Apr '98 ('97 is ValleyQuest which is another
> letterboxing project that claims it started in '89). In any case,
> Geocaching is growing much faster than we did in the early days,
> primarily for two reasons (IMO):
> a) Geocaching has the ready made gps newsgroup to target prospective
> participants while we had to cobble things together one person at a
> time
> b) Geocaching is simpler; most prospects already have a gps and
> know how to use it, but few outdoors types are stamp carvers plus
> clue writers and solvers, etc. Geocaching has instant appeal with
> little cost of entry or learning curve.
> When we started, we went through all the same arguments. All I can
> say is don't go there. Concentrate on the game, get out in the
> woods, and don't blow it with a lot of blather that may turn people
> off. I realise this list is for Geocaching and not Letterboxing, but
> since we went through the same stuff, here is a summary of some of
> our conclusions on the recent arguments, FWIW:
> We had the cyberboxing concept. It was crushed; the feeling being that
> finding something physical in the field was important.
> We had the littering discussion. I believe it was decided that there
> is an arguable distinction between what is the target of a hunt
> containing something of value intentionally placed and what is litter.
> We had the legal discussion. Answer: see a lawyer if you want to --
> debating it on the list is a waste of time unless someone on the list
> is a lawyer that practices the relevant sort of law.
> We had the "urban" discussion. The feeling was that it was important
> that there be zero chance of accidental discovery.
> We had the "rules" discussion. Answer: use common sense and operate
> within the given framework, but there are no real "rules" per se --
> there is plenty of room for different ideas. Define the framework
> first -- is it going to waypoints or is it taking/leaving/writing?
> [I think keeping it simple with the latter makes sense, and evolving
> after more of a critical mass is achieved is the wise course.]
> We had a schism or two because of some of these arguments (primarily
> the "rules" one). Unfortunate.
> --
> randy "the mapsurfer"
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