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Re: [gpsstash] Problems with GeoCaching...

Excellent reply, Mike !! My thoughts exactly.

Let's build this thing into something they'll write books about !!


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I also agree the goal is fun, not rules, thats why there are no rules except
"take something, leave something, write it in the logbook".. the point that
was made recently though is that the game of Geocaching is by definition
finding a container at a specific location that is filled with treasures (or
even no treasure. remember the idea of a logbook-only stash). Finding an
object that requires a GPS to find. THAT'S THE FUN. cyberstashing and
wonderts(?) are a different thing altogether... You seem to want an activity
that's all-encompassing -- everything rolled into one.. It cant be. It's
gotta stay simple.. Remember the _original_ idea? "GPS Stash Hunting -- To
celebrate the demise of SA".. Now you want people going out to landmarks
getting passwords -- oh yeah. that's no good anymore so now they'll just
out to places, or areas, maybe not even at any specific location! What is
the point? Sightseeing? What's that got to do with the _original_ idea - "to
celebrate the demise of SA"? If you want to go find things with clues,
you've got letterboxing.. If ya wanna navigate with map and compass for the
fun of it, you've got orienteering.. what is it actually that you want to do
and what makes it unique?

Let GPS Stash Hunting (Geocaching) run its course. I personally don't care
if new technology comes out and makes it obsolete in 2 years, or if it
leaves out urban areas, or indoors, that a GPS is required, etc etc.. I'm
not concerned any percieved limitations... When the fun of burying a bucket
in the forest and having people find it with their GPS's wears off, then
it's finished.. At that time, we'll all be ready for a new game. Redesign
it THEN... In the meantime, there are plenty of people that like it the way
it is, and dont see the need for change...

There are people still planning their good old-fashioned stashes, that
haven't had the chance to go put them out there yet, much less the chance to
actually hunt for one, and now all of a sudden the inventor of the game says
the game sucks and was a bad idea to start with! Go figure!

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