"McKellar, Peter" <>
Sent: 6/13/2000 8:08:08 PM

Another Variation

I was just out walking, looking for a site in the Urban Area of my town to
put a stash and as will happen when the weather is nice and the sun is start thinking.

My first thought was as object to place in the stash which would have it's
own log book and I would invite visitors to the stash to take that object
with them and place it in another stash somewhere else. The log book would
track where that object had been, hopefully to many places in the world.

Then I thought, why not have a web site for this object so that everyone
could follow the travels of this object.

The obvious development of that is, does the object need to be in a stash at
all. Something, like a Garden Gnome, could be found in one place and hidden
in another place and the coordinates posted on the site.

How long could an object go before it went missing?

This is the culmination of about half an hour's thought... anyone else want
to add to it?

BTW... I havn't found a site for my stash yet. There aren't many places in
the city where there is nil chance of it being found by someone else.