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Re: [gpsstash] Another Variation

I like it, I think! ;)

I think as long as we stick to hiding and finding a physical object, we're
keeping consistent enough with the original idea to make sense.. However, I
still think the logbook should be the basic item for a stash (it can be the
most interesting part of the stash sometimes).. If there's some way to stick
a notebook inside (or attached to, even) a garden gnome, I don't see any
problem, I dont think.. It might be hard to keep up with, if it moves alot..

I think I prefer the idea of the item that moves between stashes -- who
knows where it could end up.. this has potential, for sure.... I've already
done it actually, one of the things I took from one of the oregon stashes is
now in my newest stash in washington... If you would have posted this 3 days
ago, I would have thought to actually note that in the logbook of the new
stash :) -- it didn't occur to me at the time...

Remember there never was any limit to what you put IN the stash.. You can
put instructions to a different sub-game in one (dave: wonderts,
cyberstashes, etc), a movable item, letterbox stamp (as someone already
has), etc. etc. etc.. How bout a seperate logbook that gets moved between

This is what I like, imagination within the existing framework we already
have! There's plenty of things to do!

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From: McKellar, Peter
Date: Tuesday, June 13, 2000 7:20 PM
Subject: [gpsstash] Another Variation

>I was just out walking, looking for a site in the Urban Area of my town to
>put a stash and as will happen when the weather is nice and the sun is
> start thinking.
>My first thought was as object to place in the stash which would have it's
>own log book and I would invite visitors to the stash to take that object
>with them and place it in another stash somewhere else. The log book would
>track where that object had been, hopefully to many places in the world.
>Then I thought, why not have a web site for this object so that everyone
>could follow the travels of this object.
>The obvious development of that is, does the object need to be in a stash
>all. Something, like a Garden Gnome, could be found in one place and hidden
>in another place and the coordinates posted on the site.
>How long could an object go before it went missing?
>This is the culmination of about half an hour's thought... anyone else want
>to add to it?
>BTW... I havn't found a site for my stash yet. There aren't many places in
>the city where there is nil chance of it being found by someone else.
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