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Sent: 6/13/2000 4:22:48 PM

Re: [gpsstash] Littering, trespassing, etc.

Around here, the people who do such maintenance are mostly criminals doing
time via community service.. They'd probably sooner steal the stash than
report it to the workcrew boss..

common sense is indeed the best policy.. Dont go dig up a big whole in a
maintanied lawn, dont climb over fences. dont trespass knowlingly..

this is why I've put most of mine in national forests and other public areas
that are not well-travelled..

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>For those that have buried buckets in the median or shoulder of
>a highway, keep in mind that you'll have ground crews mowing and
>picking up trash... they *will* see it, and will probably call the police
>to have it removed (who, in turn, will likely call the bomb squad).
>The same scenario will happen in a manicured park setting.