"Jerry R Connelly" <>
Sent: 6/16/2000 11:33:30 PM

Re: [gpsstash] found the mollalla, OR stash... dont read if you dont want hints

Hi Mike

I think i'd better put some bottled water in my stashes. We put that stash
on horseback and
it's a lot easer that way. My GM 100 held lock all the time we were on the
trail that day.
Previously I used a Eagle expiditon and it wouldn't hold lock under all
those trees.
I don't know if was because of SA or the GM 100 is that much better. It will
aquire a lock
in my house which the Eagle very seldom did.
Dave used a mountain bike to get there. that area is maintained by mountain
bikers and equestrians.
I am planing to put one out at the Silver Falls equestrian area and wondered
what you thought about it
as you need a yearly or day pass for state park areas