"Jon Stanley" <>
Sent: 6/17/2000 11:16:30 PM

This afternoon, I placed the first (known) stash in Idaho:

N 48* 32.351'
W 116* 45.005'

This stash is located near Priest Lake in the panhandle. I have some photos
and info regarding the stash at

First, the vital information. The stash is a 5-gallon white bucket buried
up to about 2 inches of the rim. The lid says "GPS Stash." The stash site
is just off of a passable road, but those without a
high-clearance/4-wheel-drive vehicle may want to park at the junction 1-1/4
miles below the stash site and walk the remaining distance. Overall, the
stash is located about 10 miles off of the pavement.

I placed a number of interesting items in the stash (although I think that
the view from the stash location is the best part of it!), including a
little frog figure that I'm calling the "Stash Hopper" (a picture of which
is available at the above web page). The idea is one that was discussed on
the list this past week -- placing an item in a stash with the idea that it
gets moved from stash to stash, building up a history of having visited a
multitude of stashes (maybe all of them, someday!) On the bottom of the
figure, I wrote, "I am the Stash Hopper. Please take me to another GPS
stash." I am hoping that this stash gets some visitors who will carry on
with the idea (or any visitors at all -- I'm worried that this site might be
a little too remote).

Happy hunting!

Jon Stanley
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