Matt Stum <>
Sent: 6/17/2000 10:32:49 PM

Re: [gpsstash] Idea

>I was thinking of a 1 page letter we could print up and put in every
>stash... I usually try to write a vague description in all my logbooks
>describing why the box is there, what it is, the URL to the webpage, etc...

I already did that for both of my caches.... laminated it and placed it
flat on top of everything so it would be the first thing you see. Large
friendly letters, full color, etc.

However... that's only going to work for "honest" folk. I have a feeling
that "cache rape" is inevitable if there's *any* chance of it being found
by non-hunters. I think that's why the Letterboxing folks talk about the
idea of "zero-chance of accidental discovery". I looked at a lot of their
clues and many of their boxes are buried under leaves, placed in holes
covered by heavy rocks, etc.

The intro letter external to the log book is still a good idea, though.