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Sent: 6/17/2000 9:27:20 PM

Re: I found your stash

Congratulations, Rob!

I took the long way in from Grand Avenue by the old farm house just
to sniff around, but I took your exact route back in to double check
it. Was the dog on the NW corner lot barking non-stop at you?


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> Michael,
> I found your Bensenville (N 41056.067' W 87057.512') stash!
> Do not read on if you do not want to know how I found the
above-mentioned stash!
> I parked my car on Oak Lane Street and entered the woods from West
> Ave. As soon as I entered the woods numerous mosquitoes attacked
> me! I must have lost a pint of blood! ;-) The canopy was very
> so I had very poor GPS coverage almost the entire time I was in
> the woods. I ended up walking in a few small circles but ended
> up standing in the small clearing getting a little better fix.
> In order to find it I used the Elmhurst USGS map, a compass, my
> terrain reading skills, and my Garmin III GPS unit. It took me
> about five minutes (4 min 29 sec) to find the stash. I was in a
> real big hurry because I was being eaten alive by the mosquitoes.
> I enjoyed finding your stash and did take a picture of myself using
> the camera you provided (cool idea I must add).
> Rob Reindl
> My stash N 42005.401' W 88013.461'
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