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Re: [gpsstash] Found Jim Gooch's GA Stash

great story...!

I think we definately need to figure out what is private and what is public
property... I'm thinking stashes should only be placed on public property,
or private with permission for the stasher AND ALL THE STASH HUNTERS... The
stasher should make such things clear before anyone goes hunting for em...

I have searched for a stash up here in Oregon that seems to be on private
land, but apparently, the owner doesn't mind trespassers, either that, or
the stasher doesnt know the status of it... It's kind of ambiguous
property... People apparently use it regularly as a recreational type of
area, but I am uneasy about going for it... I dont like that, when I'm
hunting down a stash... So far, I've not been able to get within a half
mile of it without trespassing... I am unwilling to jump fences...

I personally prefer totally public land, if you can find it (which everyone
should be able to do)... out west, we have national forest and BLM land all
over the place... city/county parks and highway right-of-ways also work...
elsewhere in the country, I dont know.. when I have placed my stashes, there
is no doubt to anyone that it's all public land, no matter your approach..
It really is easy to find such places, if you just think for awhile...

Whatever the case, I'd rather offend on government property, than private

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Subject: [gpsstash] Found Jim Gooch's GA Stash

>We were buying glasses for my wife, when I decided to give it a try.
>I had maps from nearly every on-line source I could find including
>Terra Server images, and I knew it was fairly close.
>Since my new "toy" is an eMap I decided to make the driving part a
>big part of the fun. I did not plan a route ahead of time but rather
>used the scrolling map to find roads that led in the right direction.