Matt Stum <>
Sent: 6/1/2000 1:47:58 PM

RE: [gpsstash] New web page

>When there are about 100 stash site, you may think of asking the
>contributors to kick in a dollar each and set up a real domain name and ISP,

We'd have to settle on a name first.... That doesn't look like that's
gonna happen for awhile.

As for dealing with a huge list of caches... I've already thought about implementing
a feature to allow you to display the first X caches, or only those within X miles.

>or go to and use a free one with banners. is my personal domain, so I'm already
paying for it. Additional traffic doesn't cost me extra, so it's
no big deal as far as $$ goes.

i've already offered the VBscript code to the two current stash
websites if they want it. We're currently working out how to keep
the data current.

If anyone has any suggestions for additional features, no matter
how outlandish, please let me know.