Jim Pate <>
Sent: 6/22/2000 6:21:32 AM

New Georgia Stash

>So, when are you planning to hunt the only other GPS stash in
>Georgia? ;-)

Begging your pardon, but there is another GPS stash in Georgia as of this
past weekend. It's located in the Chohutta Wilderness along the Beech
Bottom Trail.
The coordinates for the GeoCache is
N 34' 58.534'
W 84' 34.691'

The stash is approximately 3 miles in on the trail and is within hearing
distance of the Jacks River Falls. It is a metal ammo can clearly marked as
a GeoCache (with the rules printed on the side).
As for a difficulty rating, the trail is level and quite pleasant hiking,
but the heavy tree cover will make this one fairly challenging. Bring swim
trunks, a fishing pole and a valid trout stamp for your fishing licence.
It's a great place to camp.
I'm waiting on pictures to get developed and I'll put out an update with a
web page link with pictures.

Jim Pate