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FW: S38 E176 Found

Bob Jordan has sent me the story of his exploits in finding my divine stash.
Just shows that finding the stash is one thing... finding your way home is

Thought you might all enjoy.


Thought that subject might grab your attention. Myself and two friends
visited the divine site yesterday. A lovely piece of bush. I believe we
were first as there are no other entries in the book, although there is a
kit of tools (screwdriver type handle and lots of 'bits') there that is not
entered in the book - perhaps your mistake?

Found it with 4 positions:

lake - 320m bearing 239s
clearing - 110m bearing 240s
clearing - 50m bearing 240s
fallen log - 10-20m bearing 20s

Guided Markus in from there.

We left the lake at 10.15 and got to the stash at 11.35 with the above four
bearings and one failed attempt.

That is a bit of a beeline is it not.

Stash seems in good nick although the duck tape is going to be a problem
after a few more visits. Perhaps next person should take a small roll.

We took the chewing gum and left a pen and a choccie bar. Didn't really
feel like taking much - just getting there was enough. It is a lovely tree
just to the North of the site.

On the location, we had difficulty getting a good fix at the site but the
roughies we got suggested that the location may be a bit south of the true
divine position. On reflection we should have gone back to the previous
site and done a bit of maths. Funny but our morning sitings had a lot of
trouble getting past two satellites. In the afternoon we saw 5 or more
often and quickly.

Our fun began on the return when we left the stash and headed by gut feeling
to the East and drifted much too more to the SE then we should have. The
going was really good and we flew through the bush and probably from this
velocity overshot a bit. The stream out of the lake is dry I suspect and we
missed it and went across into the valley to the south and east of the lake
where we spent a few hours with impending dark looming strongly in our
minds. We did a lot of stuff up and down that stream still thinking we were
in the main stream area and as Andrews Garmin II+ did not have NZMG we had
to do a lot of interpolation to find the position on the map. We had also
not made the various points we had found into way points so had little hold
on reality other than the road end and the stash site. In the end we
marched a compass course back along the line to the stash with about a 20s
extra northing to make sure we hit something we knew and finally stumbled
onto the track about 5 minutes from the lake. Got to the bush edge at
5.10pm with dark imminent. We need to do a little more discussion between
the three of us on the mistakes we made but all of us found it a very
valuable lesson. Both Andrew and I are reasonably experienced in the bush
and Markus has experienced the bush and veldt of Australia and Africa so
felt we were not exactly dummies. Also, I think out technological
backgrounds made us confident that we could suss out the details of the GPS
as we went along and that proved wrong. We were left in some nether world
between the familiar and the confident space that GPS gives you.

I intend to write this up in a little more detail both for our own benefit,
and to stress your words about the site being wild bush that only
experienced trampers should enter. Briefly our mistakes

lack of confidence with GPS
failing to march a line back from the stash
failure to put in intermediate way points
lack of NZMG to locate ourselves

There are others and we will go through them.

We had also intended to pop over and visit your other stash site but the
events of the day prevented that - another day.

All in all an amazing day and we thank you for your part in setting up the
site. It is a beauty!

I am now intending to set up a stash on the south side of Ruapehu at a very
special place that I know. It is probably above winter snow lines so will
have to wait though. I am having uncertain thoughts about the Kawhia divine
site as it seems to be just up a farm valley on a farm track. It raises all
sorts of access issues and I am not sure I can be bothered with that. It
is probably not 'exciting' from the farmers point of view as we are
basically inviting odd-bods in to his property at any time, and this may be
less than desirable in lambing time etc. Your thoughts?

As a result of yesterday I am spending a day at home 'sick'. Had a lot of
sweating and fever in the night - perhaps a dehydration thing - is that
possible? So I am writing this from home. If you reply please reply to all
addresses above as the other will be dead keen to hear from you too.

Regards and thanks again

Bob Jordan
Andrew McGlone
Markus Stirnemann