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Re: [gpsstash] Difficulty ratings?

I tend to agree, Mike.

I have published everything (generally) sent to me but in may cases I think that THAT data is still too much.
My feeling is that if a hunter wants some cheats or some clues, then he would email the stasher and simply ask.
After all, we DO provide an email link to him/her.

I think we should officially publish just the basics. It's an adventure. What's the point in giving the clues away
and spoiling the fun and the surprise at the end of it all.

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From: Mike Teague
Sent: Saturday, June 03, 2000 9:31 AM
Subject: Re: [gpsstash] Difficulty ratings?

Thanx.. The activity is so similar, I'm sure we can pick up a lot from you
letterboxers as time goes on... As I was writing that message, I started
thinking.. why bother... I think you're right... the less info, the
better... This game is based on technology... With just coordinates, and all
the fantastic technology (GPS's, mapping programs, etc. -- which will only
improve with time.), the game should be easily playable, and more
interesting. The more technology you use, the easier.. the less, the
harder, perhaps! You end up learning things as I have, such as don't
necessarily trust the route Street Atlas 7 spits out at you.:) Definately
makes for more fun..

Now, for everyone else, what would you guys think about removing all stash
notes, hunt stories, descriptions and photos from the individual stash
listings? Should we leave it up to the stasher? That's pretty much what I've
been doing -- I publish everything they email me or post to the newsgroup.
If they send basic info, that's all that goes up. if they send 5 photos,
detailed description and directions, that goes up too..

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From: Randy Hall
Date: Friday, June 02, 2000 5:21 PM
Subject: Re: [gpsstash] Difficulty ratings?

>> I'm just thinking aloud... looking for input.. maybe we dont need a
>> system at all.. it seems like alot of this _could_ be gotten from topo
>> (elevation at least) if you do alot of pre-planning before your stash
>We went through this discussion in letterboxing and some feeling was that
>it was just too subjective. Some people ended up providing it and some
>ended up not. Some people went into tedious arguments about what the
>categories should be :-)
>My feeling for this game is to leave it out. The appeal, at least for me,
>in this game is in the planning, and the more facts like this discovered in
>the planning process, the more fun it is. My preference for this game is
>to provide nothing but coordinates. Preserve as much mystique as
>possible ...
>randy "the mapsurfer"
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