Randy Hall <>
Sent: 6/2/2000 6:11:38 PM

Re: [gpsstash] Difficulty ratings?

> I'm just thinking aloud... looking for input.. maybe we dont need a rating
> system at all.. it seems like alot of this _could_ be gotten from topo maps
> (elevation at least) if you do alot of pre-planning before your stash hunt.

We went through this discussion in letterboxing and some feeling was that
it was just too subjective. Some people ended up providing it and some
ended up not. Some people went into tedious arguments about what the
categories should be :-)

My feeling for this game is to leave it out. The appeal, at least for me,
in this game is in the planning, and the more facts like this discovered in
the planning process, the more fun it is. My preference for this game is
to provide nothing but coordinates. Preserve as much mystique as
possible ...

randy "the mapsurfer"