"Mike Teague" <>
Sent: 6/2/2000 6:28:59 PM
"gpsstash" <>

Any activity on the stashes?

For you guys that have placed stashes outside of WA and OR, have you been
able to check on them and see if anyone has visited?

I know most of the stashes here in the northwest each have had at least 2-4
unique "hits" in the last month, and I think I heard of one guy finding the
Illinois stash... (not bad at all, I dont think, considering when we
started..) I'm wondering how it's going out there in the rest of the

We're gonna need to be doing more advertising to make this thing big. I wish
for the day that every weekend, I'll have 2 or 3 stashes within 100 miles
that I'll be able to go find.... I suggest every GPS/geography/outdoor
related website you visit that features activities, let them know about the
organization... As of now, it seems like the only people that really know
about it are readers of sci.geo.satellite-nav, and maybe a few from the
letterbox and confluence project peoples...

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