"Jeff Thorson" <>
Sent: 6/6/2000 3:21:41 PM

C-Hunt: 0 for 2 in Chicago

On my first attempt at the game:

Dundee stash - Large dog nearby made a final search dangerous. The dog was
never closer than 100 meters but that's not enough "SA" for me and an
unfriendly dog. Within .05 miles before giving up.

Bensenville Stash - I was warned by the Cache-Master (Stash-Master?) that
water would be involved. So I wore my old tennis shoes. Insufficient
response to the warning. Within .05 miles before giving up.

I expected to be home by 10am -- didn't get back till 3pm. I am considering
making my stache (the word stash combined with cache) a drive-thru off a
major highway. :)

Jeff Thorson
Pewaukee WI
Defeated but not deterred.