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Re: [gpsstash] C-Hunt: 0 for 2 in Chicago

Stache.. heh! right on!

I've made attempts on 2 different days to 2 different stashes up here and
have failed both times;)

You might need to approach from a different direction, etc... check all
maps you can get your hands on...

But then, I dont know how hard they've made em elsewhere in the country..
Out here in the Northwest, we have a few that are real easy to get.. they're
within 50 feet of a major road (one on an onramp to an interstate highway!),
and several more that are very much more diffcult to get to... oddly enough,
even when you dont find them, it still seems somewhat rewarding.. I always
end up somewhere I've never been before... (and im talking a 40 mile radius
of where I live).. It's ALWAYS an enjoyable adventure... Sometimes the "so
close but so far away" becomes a factor, and it can be frustrating -- my
experience with the lookout tree and williams lake stash down in Oregon
being two examples, but I dont regret any of the time spent...

I love this game!

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Date: Tuesday, June 06, 2000 2:31 PM
Subject: [gpsstash] C-Hunt: 0 for 2 in Chicago

>On my first attempt at the game:
>Dundee stash - Large dog nearby made a final search dangerous. The dog was
>never closer than 100 meters but that's not enough "SA" for me and an
>unfriendly dog. Within .05 miles before giving up.
>Bensenville Stash - I was warned by the Cache-Master (Stash-Master?) that
>water would be involved. So I wore my old tennis shoes. Insufficient
>response to the warning. Within .05 miles before giving up.
>I expected to be home by 10am -- didn't get back till 3pm. I am considering
>making my stache (the word stash combined with cache) a drive-thru off a
>major highway. :)
>Jeff Thorson
>Pewaukee WI
>Defeated but not deterred.
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