"David J. Ulmer" <>
Sent: 6/7/2000 10:58:08 AM
"Gpsstash" <>

First GeoCoded CyberStash ready for you to find !

Yes Folks, I just plotted the first GeoCoded CyberStash this very morning

N45 21.882 W122 35.667

If you visit this spot there is a Code Word that is obvious when you are
there. You then Email me at and tell me the code word.
If correct, I will allow you access to the CyberStash directory on my
computer. Here's what is currently in my CyberStash:

Aliens.jpg Picture of Aliens 81kb
EgyptianBookoftheDead.txt 346kb
Gambling.jpg Me the gambler 87kb
RatKiller.jpg Great T-Shirt transfer 100kb
RedNeckPool.jpg Picture 62kb
StHeltop.jpg My GPS tracks on Mt. St. Helens 130kb
Whale.jpg Unusual Whale 72kb

As usual the rules are: Take Something, Leave Something to my CyberStash.
When you take something out, it will go away. When you put something in, it
will be there, if its not too nasty or illegal.

I will be adding more goodies to my CyberStash soon. When you email me with
the code word I will send you a list of what is currently in the stash.

Have Fun !!


P.S. GeoCoded CyberStashing solves the problem of placing stashes in urban
areas. Now you can guide people to your favorite places in town without
physically leaving anything there. So go make your own Geocoded CyberStash !