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Re: [gpsstash] New Stash Planned and Some Observations

Actually i dont specifically recommend anything to put in, except the
logbook.. that's just a list of what I've found in stashes I've hunted and
placed, and what people have told me they've put in theirs... it's all up to
whoever is making the stash..

However, i've put beer, cigarettes, and ammunition in various stashes :) --
consider me guilty!

in any case, the amount of beer i've seen is so far just one can.. 3 smokes
in several stashes, also 5 rounds of 5.56mm in two diff stashes, I think...

I suspect there's nothingn actually illegal about it...

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Date: Thursday, June 08, 2000 11:41 PM
Subject: [gpsstash] New Stash Planned and Some Observations

>I was also looking at some recommendations for items to put in a
>stash and I noticed the triax site talks about beer and wine. This
>might not be such a good idea as some hunters might be below legal