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Fantastic, James !

Thanks for forwarding it on to all of us. I now have it published on the GeoCache HQ site.

By the way, could you perhaps give a me a one or two-word nickname for the stash ?
And.... do you have Jeremy's email address.... for online credit of the story ?

All the best, mate.

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Subject: [gpsstash] this is what this is all about!!!

Jeremy Lawrence sent this to me today!! As far as i am concerned this
is what it all about.

Here it is:

Hi there!

I visited the LAX cache this afternoon (it was my first) and had a
time trying to track it down! I originally came at it from the
residential side, but seeing the barbed wire I thought I was out of
luck. While I stood there trying to avoid worrying the locals I
remembered the rules about the stash being publicly accessible- I
guessed I was approaching from the wrong direction and started walking
back to the car.

Once I drove around and started to get close- I just started laughing
because I realized there was no place to park, so I was close but not
close, not that I expected to just drive up to the cache... anyway.
Eventually I found a spot up near the university and walked the 1/2
back. On the way I spotted these LAPD stickers that must've been put
to remind the locals to be "on the lookout" for strange behavior
the airport perimeter. They were black and yellow and said "I.C.A.N.
Identify, Challenge And Notify LAPD Airport Safety. I parked my car
a sign that had one of these stickers on it and started walking. A cop
drove past. So here I was, interested, a little paranoid and half
at the thought of how I was going to have to commando into the
between a break in cars and joggers to scope out the goodies and
mine. I checked my backpack and set my stuff up for fast removal.

As I approached the site I could see two pedestrians way ahead of me
heading my direction. I guessed I had about 5 minutes once I went off
the sidewalk before they passed. I pretended to tie my shoe and waited
for a break in traffic then scampered down next to the storm drain. I
did a belly crawl up the side slowly back towards the sidewalk and
spotted the cache! I crawled over to it and laid my receiver down next
to the can- I realized my BRIGHT YELLOW backpack was sticking up out
the bushes so I took that off and laid it down under a bush. I pulled
away the grass covering the can and opened it up. I was not prepared
how much stuff was in there! So, I start poking through and realize
going to be a trick to get something out so I can put something back
write my journal entry and boogie out of their without being seen by a
passerby and thereby jeopardizing the cache. I start to take stuff out
and explore... pretty soon I realize I'm daydreaming looking at all
sparklies and I've lost track of the time. I poke my head up- nobody
the horizon. I write my entry, grab my goody and close the can up. My
contribution wouldn't fit in the can- but it was well sealed in
ziplocs so I tucked it in behind.

All around, a pretty fun Sunday afternoon. Hope you enjoyed my story
much as I enjoyed your stash site! If I set one up myself I'll let you

Jeremy Lawrence


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